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  • Breathing circuit sets for mechanical ventilation

    Breathing circuit sets for mechanical ventilation

    CE approved The ventilator circuit has Y connector with monitoring port, convenient for sampling and detection. Our ventilator circuits' proper design assures good conform ability and lower tube resistance. All of our ventilator circuits use the international standard connector, matched with multiple respiratory machines.

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  • Duo Limbo Breathing Circuit

    Duo Limbo Breathing Circuit

    CE approved The duo limbo tube can separate air in and out in one tube Our breathing circuit is light and anti-bending. All of our breathing circuit use ISO standard connector, matched with anesthesia machines.

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  • Non Invasive Breathing Circuit For Ventilator

    Non Invasive Breathing Circuit For Ventilator

    CE approved. The ventilator breathing circuit use standard ISO connector Our ventilator breathing circuit composed of tubes and connectors, sold with limb, sampling tube, water trap and clip. Convenient, disposable, preventing cross infection, our ventilator breathing circuit is substitute for traditional reusable non-invasive breathing circuit.

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  • Coaxial Breathing Circuit

    Coaxial Breathing Circuit

    CE approved. The breathing circuit with anti-bending, airtight. Our breathing circuit can optional inner CO2 monitoring line. Small pressure loss of the gas through the coaxial inner and outer breathing circuits. All of our breathing circuits use ISO standard connector, matched with anesthesia machines.

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  • dialysis fistula needles

    dialysis fistula needles

    1. Thin needle walls reduce puncture resistance, reduce pain and keep blood flowing 2. The wing is non-slip designed to pierce more accurately and smoothly 3. Red and blue dot marking sit ue-tips for medical staff to identify the tip of the needle 4. Clip design makes it easy to block blood flow

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  • Hemodialysis Dialyzer

    Hemodialysis Dialyzer

    CE and FDA approved 1. German PES dialysis membrane 2. High & low flux 3. Variety of membrance to meet different patients

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  • Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set

    Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set

    CE and FDA approved The use of high-elastic medical polymer materials and advanced production processes, flexible lines, not easy to deform, smooth inner wall, to avoid damage to blood cells

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  • Dual system medical dialysis machine

    Dual system medical dialysis machine

    Dual system medical hemodialysis machine 1. Fast heparin epophoning 2. Precisely controlled ultrafiltration pumps and balance cavities 3. Mechanical modular design for more convenient maintenance 4. A variety of cleaning and disinfection procedures for automatic shutdown 5. Dialysis fluid clean circuit and dirty circuit separate disinfection, avoid cross-infection, make dialysis more safe 6. The main circuits and components are controlled by a two-way system, one of which fails and the other works properly to ensure the mission is completed

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  • Disposable Normal Medical Infusion Set

    Disposable Normal Medical Infusion Set

    CE approved. The infusion set is light in weight, more comfortable for patients to wear. Our infusion set with smooth and feathered edge for patient comfort and reducing irritation points. Each infusion set is individually wrapped in PE or blister All types of our infusion sets with CE and ISO certificates.

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  • TPE Material Medical Infusion Set

    TPE Material Medical Infusion Set

    CE approved. Our infusion set use TPE material, without PVC and DEHP, adsorption of the drug-free. Such iv infusion sets with better safety in turn and can meet different client demands The TPE material iv infusion set can configure the safety regulator,air vented and filters.

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