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HME filter

Brand :Biosen

Product origin :China

Delivery time :5 Days

Supply capacity :100,000 pcs/month

Disposable HME filter

HME filter

Bacterial Viral Filters & HME Filters

  • Multiple filter to satisfy various requirements

  • Clinical use for moisture and filteration of mechanical respiratory gas from ICU and anesthesia patients.

  • Moistering, warming and filtering gas output from respiratory machine and input in patients

  • High bacterial viral efficiency >99.99%, insulation and moisturizing

HME filter anesthesia

Why Disposable BV Filters & HME Filters are necessary?

---- For patients

  • HME/BV Filters and anesthesia machine used by previous patient are possible to infect the next user

  • Patient's intubation (tracheostomy & endotracheal intubation) causes the removal of upper airway function (filtering, warming, moisturizing), which requires substitute by HME/BV Filters

  • Humidifier is easy to breed bacterias, that infects long-term ICU patients

hme filter price

---- For doctors & nurses

  • Filters pretect patients, doctors, nurses, machines and environment

  • Gas from patients may be infectious, possible to infect doctors and nurses

  • Filters prevent cross infection of respiratory system, decreasing the ratio that patient getting noscomial pneumonial infection (reducing noscomial infection)

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