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  • Closed Safety Protective Medical Goggles
  • Closed Safety Protective Medical Goggles
  • Closed Safety Protective Medical Goggles
  • Closed Safety Protective Medical Goggles

Closed Safety Protective Medical Goggles

Brand :Biosen

Product origin :China

Delivery time :5 Days

Supply capacity :100,000 pcs/month

1. Medical safety glasses using a special coating process,can be worn for 5 hours with no fog.
2. Safety eye goggles' intimate groove design can be adapted to vision correction glasses without affecting vision.
3. Splash goggles with thickened PC lens effectively prevent droplets,sand and stones, liquids and other splashes.
4. Closed safety protective medical goggle is made by soft medical grade PVC material (no o-benzene).

Closed Safety Protective Medical Goggles

splash goggles

Product Description:

Our closed safety protective medical goggles' Lens is made by optical PC and eye mask made by medical PVC. The safety protective medical goggles can be used for preventing saliva and droplets, sand and stones, liquids and other splashes.

The closed safety protective medical goggles usually used in laboratories, industrial workshops, medical places etc.

Our safety protective medical goggles' specification is 185*85*60mm, Standards by GB 14866-2006 EN 166-2001 ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015

laboratory goggles

Product Feature:

  • The protective medical goggles' large mirror body design can be worn with myopia glasses.

  • The protective medical goggle is made by soft medical grade PVC material( no o-benzene),adjustable elastic band,comfortable for a long time without pressure.

  • Without fogging the lens, the field of vision is clearer. Special coating process is adopted for the lens, which can be worn continuously for 5 hours without fog.

  • More considerrate protection with our closed safety protective medical goggles.

medical gogglessplash goggles

laboratory gogglesmedical goggles


splash goggles


CE  Certificates

laboratory goggles


Each closed safety protective medical goggle is packaged separately and 80pcs per carton.


  • After wearing,please adjust the frame according to personal needs.

  • The protective medical goggles can be cleaned and wiped with the a neutral detergent.

  • Thprotective medical goggle is not a substitute for shade glasses.

  • When storing goggles, the lens should be facing up and kept clean, don’t touch the lenses with finger.

  • Please stop using the product once you find any damage.

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