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Pulse Oximeter

Brand :Biosen

Product origin :China

Delivery time :5 Days

Supply capacity :100,000 pcs/month

CE & FDA approved
Universal for adults & children
SpO2 and PR display
Sound alert function
Low battery indicator
Auto power off
Non-medical use

finger pulse oximeter

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximetry

Screen Display:  0.96〞OLED dual color display screen

Measurement range: 35~100%, Resolution: ±1%, Accuracy: ±2% (70~99%)

Measurement time: <2 sec.

Pulse rate: 25~250bpm, Accuracy: 1% or 1bpm

Features: SpO2 and PR display, Sound alert function, Low battery indicator, Auto power off, Non-medical use

Warranty: 1 year

Dimension: 58*34*32.5mm

Weight: 49.6 (with batteries)            

Package details: 1*Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

                           1*Certificate of approval

                           1*English user manual         

finger pulse oximeter

1. Battery Installation Method:

Open the battery cover downward, install the battery, pay attention to the positive and negative poles!

2. Operations Guide

a: Put the finger tip into the test area, press the button to start the machine, and then the measurement will start again. After 8 seconds, the measurement data will be displayed


b: Press the botton for 3 seconds to enter the menu setting mode. Click the botton to switch the options, and keep press to set the options

Pulse Oximetry   finger pulse oximeter

c. When measuring, click the botton to switch the display direction.

Working Principle

Based on changes in light absorption during arterial pulsation. The pulse oximetry sensor has a pair of LEDs that pass through a translucent part of the patient's body (usually the tip or earlobe) lying against a photodiode. One led is red with a wavelength of 660nm, the other is infrared and has a wavelength of 940nm. The percentage of blood oxygen is calculated after measuring the passing of light at these two wavelengths with different absorption rates.

Pulse Oximeter

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