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  • Reusable Bulb Laryngoscope

    Reusable Bulb Laryngoscope

    1. Be made of 304 surgical stainless steel 2. Lightweight improves balance and maneuverability for even the difficult intubation 3. Lamp provides defused illumination minus shadows 4. Available with curved Macintosh and Straight Miller 5. Compatible with all conventional laryngoscope system 6. Available with replacement lamp

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  • Reusable Fiber Optic Laryngoscope

    Reusable Fiber Optic Laryngoscope

    1. Be made of 304 surgical stainless steel 2. Specific design with removable luminescent tube facilitating to clean and sterilization and avoid the possibility of cross infection 3. The Bulb inside lightweight fiber optic handle create a cool bright illumination providing an intensity of light required during examination and intubation 4. Comply with CE, FDA, ISO13485

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  • Reusable Flexible Fiber Optic Laryngoscope

    Reusable Flexible Fiber Optic Laryngoscope

    1. Contribute to anesthesiologist to solve all kinds of difficult intubation problems 2. The cool light brightness of halogen bulbs increased by 40% than ordinary bulb 3. Cool light blade is made of medical stainless steel, the handle connected with the gold-plate electrode, connection is good, long life service, high performance 4. Multiple sizes of blades 5. Comply with CE and ISO 13485

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