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Ventilators sold to greek

Our ventilators sold to greek and customers r very satisfied with them. 


Ventilators for Coronavirus

Mechanical Ventilation


The ventilator makes a good performance in operation room,ICU department and emergency treatment.It used to

assist or replace the spontaneous breathing for adult pediatric and neonatal more than 2kg. 25 years experience in

Market-oriented ventilator make us professional and reliable, satisfying all your needs in ventilation. Due to the

flexible configuration, good quality and competitive price, S1100 has soon become the superstar of market.


15” TFT touch screen displays the ventilation parameters, alarm information, and oscillograms, make every operation more easily.

Multiple ventilation modes,suitable for ICU,emergency department and operation room etc: ( IPPV, A/C, PCV, SIMV,PSV,


5 oscillograms for your choice, 3 of them can be displayed on the screen at the same time.

ETCO2 is standard configuration for this machine.

Humidifier can heat and wet breathing gas, makes it comfortable for patient to breathe.

Rapid oxygen supply,automatically offer high flow rate oxygen within two minutes

Nebulization make medicine into small liquid and particle,easier and quickier for patient to breathe in.

High temperature resistance breathing circuit is reusable and anti-pollution.


14 types of sound and visual alarm information, easier for users to do some error checking and troubleshooting.

Built-in oxygen concentration sensor, ensure stable precision of oxygen concentration.

Easy to move with four casters, easy to stop with two brakes.

Separate design of electronic circuit and gas flow rate keep safe running of ventilator.

Compact long life internal battery can provide emergency power,avoid risk of patient.

Self-check before operation,eliminate system mistake.

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